sir X said: YES.. LOVE!

me: excuse me sir? do i mumble? no sir..i’m just stumble.

sir X: wait..stumble? stumble for being mumble, every single night when you cant sleep?

me: hmm..maybe..

sir X: dont ever say maybe kid..wake up! you have to be ready for tomorrow..

me: tomorrow sir?? you

sir X: ah’s late night already..or in what you called a mornight?

me: haha..yea’s morning for those people..but it’s night for me..

sir X: what makes you feel stumble kid? and makes you mumble..dont you feel tired for living a life like this?you stand there, writing the untold..writing the unspoken?

me: i feel that..the life that i live right not for me sir..i know it well..i have nothing that i can be proud of..i just have nothing sir..

sir X: excuse have nothing?

me: yes sir..nothing!! nothing at all but me..

sir X: kid..look at you!! you have everything on you..

me: but i dont have what people said a measurement for a success..

sir X: success?? what do you think about success? how you define a success??

me: everybody..well not everybody..but a lot of people..measure a success with what car you ride, how much money in you bank account, where you go for holiday, those jewelry, and those things sir..

sir X: wake up kid!! you are the money, you are the cars, you are the bank account, you are the are everything..

me: i dont understand with what you’ve just said sir..

sir X: kiddo..that’s human..who measure everything on things.. you have to know that things are bought and broke..and sometimes stolen..haha..but you have dont hurt dont judge people..and you are of who you are today..that’s more than everything..people struggle to get it kid..

me: can i ask you something sir?

sir X: yes, absolutely. you can ask anything you want kid.

me: what can i buy with heart?

sir X: nothing.

me: see..i cant buy anything with heart, sir..

sir X: stop measuring those thing from all the material things kid..yes you cant buy a car with love, you need money to buy it..lots of money..but dont you realize? you can buy a love kid!

me: love?

sir X: yes..LOVE!

me: how come?

sir X: you can buy anything you want with your heart to buy everything you want that even a store cant provide can buy the unbought kid!! like you can hear the unspoken..

me: are you sure about it sir??

sir X: yes kid..i am just need to listen..


~ by Ira Ratnati on May 23, 2009.

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