what a night class!!

it was begin when me and a bunch of HI-ers gather at an instant messaging service..
plus one of my lecture..

i dunno..
the conversation find a huge trouble at the beginning, seems like everybody has their own problem with the connection. some of can read the message but cant write the message, some only can write but cant read the conversation.

we changed our room several times. until, i’m the only who has the trouble, i can read the whole message but cant send any, what a mess!! ha ha ha..
but then i choose to only see them chat, and send some IM tru my friend’s window and ask him to send it to the room.

problem solved!
then after a lil while, i completely join the room.
and the converstaion flow!!

try to walk the talk tru the IM as a good netizen 🙂
typing as fast as i can to keep up the conversation, and get them angry with my floody chat, sure i wanna let them know that the fastest finger exsist!

we dont know about what we’re gonna talkin about, we’re running out the topic!!
but the conversation run in to a deep conversation.

we share what was on our mind when we met at the first time, get rid of everything.
no hurts feeling, it’s just our way to try to see ourself from others perspective.
and it was quite fun!

we’re talking about the future, wonder how we’re gonna be when we done with this path of life.
are we gonna be the same? spending so many hours just to talk some of bulk conversation?
those question are enough to freak me out about tomorrow..
cuz i really want to graduate this year..
but then it means that am gonna leave this family..
a family that i found here..
but then at the others side, i have to be ready to leave this lovely family?
a family who keep me on the track, a family who keep me sane from all of those insane things..
a family who accept me for who i am, who shape me for who i am
and save me from the things that might hurts me. a family who catch me when i fall.
a family who laugh when i smile, a family who lend me a shoulder to cry on.
a family who can read my mind..a family that God give to me!!

God really blessed me to let me know all of you!!
thanks for the class guys..

tHe R,


~ by Ira Ratnati on May 23, 2009.

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